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About us

Windmill Hill Care is an independent Home Care Agency, is a Registered Company and is registered with the CQC, Care Quality Commission.

Windmill Hill Care supplies Care Staff to provide non-medical supportive care in the home to help ensure the activities of daily living.

Windmill Hill Care aims to provide a high quality, person centered care service, and we endeavor to promote independence, preserve dignity and emotional wellbeing to all of our Service Users. This person centered care service is based upon an individual assessment of the Service User’s needs and preferences enabling the Service User to live as comfortably, safely and securely within their own home for as long as it is possible.

Jackie Grant RN, is the proprietor and Registered Manager of Windmill Hill Care, she is a trained nurse who specialised within the NHS in; Renal Dialysis, Accident and Emergency, Mental Health Services and she is a Health Care Assessor.

For the last 25 years she has worked with large and small care companies in the Care Industry benefiting them with her leadership, management skills and expertise. Jackie is a Consultant to the Care Industry, advising on the improvement and updating of care services.

This has resulted in Jackie setting up of her own bespoke company, Windmill Hill Care, implementing the best of what she has experienced and learnt over the years. Jackie leads by example, has a can do attitude with a hands on approach to her business.


Service User Guide, Our approach to your Personal Care

  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Effective
  • Well Led



That all representatives of Windmill Hill Care, Directors, Registered Manager and Care Staff are of good character and have the necessary qualifications, experience, competencies and skills and will have done everything that is reasonably practicable for the provision of safe care.

That the Care Staff will be suitably qualified, competent and experienced to meet all the needs of the Service User. That the Care Staff receive the support, training, professional development, supervision and appraisals that are necessary for them to carry out their roles and responsibilities safely, correctly and efficiently and be compliant with CQC regulations.

To assess risks relating to the heath, safety and welfare of the Service User, these assessments will only to be done by suitably qualified staff and regularly reviewed. To be aware of problems that can occur with communications and monitoring issues with a dispersed and remote workforce.

To ensure the assessment, planning and delivery of those care needs, will balance the needs and the safety of the Service User with their rights and preferences yet not to be too rigid to allow a certain flexibility to cope with making of the inevitable changes to those needs.

To assess the best interests of the Service User who may not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their own care.

That the consent of the Service User or the consent of their lawful representative, is always obtained prior to the undertaking of their care.

To ensure Care Staff follow plans and pathways, that staff work within the scope of their qualifications, competence, skills, and experience, that staff are made aware that they must seek help if they feel pressure is being placed upon them to go beyond that point.

Staff at Induction will receive training in domiciliary care practice and safeguarding, that training will be on going and updated throughout their employment. Care Staff will be made aware of their responsibilities and accountability, and the various types of abuse and the policies and procedures to report abuse.

To ensure Service Users are protected from harm, neglect and abuse. That robust procedures and processes are in place to prevent the Service User from being abused by staff or any other person that may come into contact with the Service User whilst using the service.

Policies and procedures in place for anyone to raise concerns or complain about their care or the care of the Service User that they care for or represent, that these Policies and Procedures are in line with current legislation and guidance.

To ensure Service Users are involved in safeguarding decisions, are aware of complaints policies and procedures and are encouraged to report any abuse.



Windmill Hill Care will makes sure that the Service User receives appropriate person centred care that is based upon assessment of their individual needs and preferences.

To carry out assessments of the needs and preferences of the Service User to enable the best possible care. That those assessments take into account all their needs, personal care, emotional, social, cultural, religious and spiritual needs and that the Assessor is aware of current legislation.

To make sure that the Service User has care that is personalised specifically to them, and to make provision for change or adjustment to that care to ensure the continuance of that best possible care.

That Windmill Hill Care ensures the Service User’s welfare, that the Service User is treated in a caring and compassionate way and that they will feel safe and comfortable.

That Care Staff respect the Service User’s personal preferences, lifestyle and care choices.

To ensure the privacy, autonomy and independence of the Service User and that they are treated with compassion, dignity, empathy and respect at all times.



Windmill Hill Care will develop robust, effective and accessible systems to identify, receive, record, handle and respond to complaints and any request by any person using the service. That all complaints are investigated promptly and thoroughly and any necessary action is taken promptly to rectify any areas that may have allowed that failure to occur. That the outcome of incidents or complaints are shared with all persons concerned.

That procedures will be in place to provide the information to allow the complainant to if not satisfied with the Care Providers response or handling of the complaint to escalate the complaint to the appropriate authority.

That any person making a complaint will receive support and not suffer in any way because of making that complaint special care must be taken to ensure that the Service Users care is not effected in any way, that both complainants and those about whom the complaint has been made are kept informed of any developments in the investigation.

That at no time consent or confidentiality is breached because of these processes.

That records are kept of the complaint, the outcomes, actions taken and changes made and that all parties are informed of those in writing.

To do everything possible, to assess, monitor, mitigate, to use the processes developed to assess new Service Users, in the recruitment and training of care staff to identify, assess and manage any risks to any persons rights, health, safety and welfare and that the Provider Services are responsive to the needs of the Service User, irrespective of age, disability, race, religion, belief, sexual orientation and gender.



The sources of advice, expertise and information that have been referred to and incorporated in the design of the procedures and processes used by Windmill Hill Care are:

Care Quality Commission Regulations 2009.

Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Health and Social Care Act 2008, amended regulations 2015.

Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Mental Health Act 1983.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

Protection of Vulnerable Adults Act 2004.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Care Standards Act 2000.

Care Act 2014.

The Data Protection Act 1998.

HSCIC; Information Governance, the Secure Handling of Confidential Information, the Secure Transfers of Personal Data.


Common Induction Standards.

All these sources of information and the systems and methodologies used will be referred to and the regulations stated will be adhered to and will continue to be used throughout the lifetime of the business.

This information and regulations will be used as a template to help assess, monitor and improve the quality of service.

At any opportunity to seek and act upon feedback from Service Users and Care Staff to continually be able to improve the service.

For every Service User, person employed in the carrying out of the regulated activity and the management of that regulated activity, an accurate, upto date and complete record will be kept, subject to the Data Protection Act.

That the Service User’s privacy, dignity, values, beliefs and human rights will always be recognised, respected and promoted.

To act in accordance with the consent of the Service User or their lawful representative.

To assess and act in the best interests of the Service User that does not have the mental capacity to make decisions about their care and does not have a lawful representative.


Well Led

That all representatives of Windmill Hill Care, Directors, Registered Manager and Care Staff are of good character and have the necessary qualifications, experience, competencies and skills.

To continue to develop systems that assess, monitor, and drive improvements in the quality and safety of the services provided. To review those services of the provider of the regulated activity to evaluate and improve those services.

To maintain securely, accurate, complete and current records for each Service User, persons employed and the management carrying out the regulated activity. That all paper and electronic records relating to the management of the regulated activity will be held and dealt with securely according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and HSCIC recommendations on Inforrmation Governance, the secure handling and transfer of data and personal information.

Using Skills for Care’s resources, processes and procedures will be in place for recruitment to attract and retain the right staff, the implementation of various screening processes to appraise and establish suitability; thorough reference checks, DBS checks and the interview processs. The successful candidate would then undergo Induction to introduce a set of standards for the care worker this will be supported with Service User and Staff handbooks, to introduce the care worker to the skills, knowledge and behaviour to enable them to provide compassionate, safe and high quality support, this training will extend into the workplace with the provision of coaching and mentoring. The care worker then would be introduced to a system of continuous professional development using Skills for Care’s resources to attain the Care Certificate.

That appropriate supervision, support, and training of all staff is provided, this will be assessed on a regular basis to ensure not only the maintenance and continuance of the skills necessary but for those staff to obtain further qualifications to enable them provide an even better service.

To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the Service User, the allocation of responsibility for the care of the Service User.

To robustly deal with poor or unsafe staff performance, the development of disciplinary policies and procedures.

To effectively manage the deployment of skilled, experienced and properly trained staff.

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